Young Executive of the Year

About the Young Executive of the Year award

We test, challenge, and evaluate Norway’s best young leaders through an academically rooted project with the candidate’s learning in focus. The Young Executive of the Year award ceremony has been organized every year since 2009. The Young Executive of the Year award is based on solid international research, and the results that have been collected have been used in research projects and presented at international conferences.

What we measure

  • Personal skills and potential: Personality tests and aptitude tests
  • Exercised leadership in the person’s own working context: 180 degree assessment of the manager, employees and self-reporting.
  • Observed competencies: The candidate’s handling of challenging leadership situations, observed through selected case assignments and simulation exercises.

Criteria for participation

  • Candidates must be 40 years or younger
  • Candidates must have been in their current position for at least 12 months
  • The candidate must be responsible* for at least five employees

*Project managers who are responsible for at least five persons may also participate. It is not necessary to have formal managerial responsibility over staff.

The candidate process

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Young Executive of the Year you can contact us on

+47 22 15 11 00