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Leadership is about creating results through other people in line with the organization’s overarching goals, strategy and values. We therefore operate on the premise that good leaders deliver good results.

Assessit aims to make complex things simple. We seek to translate theory into behavior. Theory and empirical data in and of itself does not have value beyond the way in which we use it to develop people and organizations. However, this does not mean that making things simple is a goal in itself. In accordance with our evidence-based approach, we must make things as simple as possible, but not simpler than that. What we advocate and do should be rooted in theory, empirical data, and our values.

We believe that learning organizations will have a decisive competitive advantage in the future. Those organizations that succeed in cultivating a culture that encourages continuous learning, where initiative and leadership is practiced in any job role, where pioneering innovation and experimentation is natural, where exploratory curiosity and dialog characterizes communication, and where reflection and learning takes place on an unconscious level – these are the organizations that will have the flexibility, adaptability, and strength to succeed in an ever-more unpredictable future.

We must be evidence-based in everything we do, both in terms of methodology and tools. This means that we must know what we know and what we don’t. The things we advocate must be backed up by evidence. We must be conscious of the theoretical and empirical grounding in everything we do and know why we do it. Our evidence-based approach also means that we essentially consider our own methodology as good but also unfinished; a prototype that can be continuously improved. We rely on the best evidence but also learn from every new experience.

Our experience from organizational and leadership development includes areas such as: Organizational development, cultural development, management team development, leadership development, assessment, coaching, mentoring, restructuring processes, and outplacement. We have clients from both the public and private sector.

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