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Skilled leaders deliver results while also creating engagement and motivation among employees. Today’s leaders must navigate through challenging waters of increased complexity and rapid changes in the value chains, market, and competition. Combined with increasing demands from employees, media and authorities, choosing the right candidate for the position has become ever more important.

Assessit carries out more systematic assessments of managers’ competencies and attributes than any other Nordic consultancy. We review around 300 managers annually. We have a good insight into new research on what characterizes the best leaders, and we know how to determine whether candidates possess the competencies we are looking for.

We use tools and methods that are anchored in internationally recognized research and which are well-documented with regards to their accuracy in assessing candidates’ competencies and attributes. This entails a combination of structured, competence-based interviews, personality tests, aptitude tests, case assignments, and comprehensive reference interviews. This provides us with the best decision-making basis for the selection, as well as the lowest possible risk of bad hires.
It is important to us that our recruitment processes are reliable and verifiable. This requires documenting the entire process, transparency about the methods and tools we use and that both internal and external candidates find the process to be thorough, predictable, and fair. We set high standards for integrity, respect, and candor for our candidates as well as for ourselves.

Our process and selection methodology

Research and analysis
Before every assignment, we work together with our client to carry out an analysis of the organization, the position, and what will be critical to success going forward. We spend time getting acquainted with and understanding the client’s organizational culture, strategy, core competencies, value chain, and market. Based on this analysis, we then proceed to put together a job description and candidate profile that is actively used in our search for and selection of qualified candidates.

Assessit regularly prepares analyses of industries and sectors. We have an extensive network in most industries and a generally good overview of the challenges and opportunities that various sectors are characterized by.

Attracting a high number of candidates
Creating awareness and interest among potential candidates can be done via advertising or executive search or a combination thereof. In our experience, it will always be advantageous to ensure a high number of candidates through active searching in addition to advertising the position. Approximately 80% of Assessit’s assignments entail actively searching for candidates in the market.

We have developed a systematic and thorough research methodology where our researchers and consultants work closely together to identify the best candidates. We identify and map potential candidates through active networking and extensive internal and external databases. Only the consultants responsible for the assignment contact potential candidates. In our experience, this is essential in order to successfully generate interest and motivation to seek new challenges in a new company and position.

Assessit handles everything in terms of advertising and administrative work relating to the candidates. We have the expertise and systems that ensure professional handling of the candidates throughout the process in accordance with relevant regulations and personal considerations.

Assessment and selection

Assessment and selection are Assessit’s core strengths. Through a combination of structured, competency-based interviews, personality tests, aptitude tests, case assignments, and extensive reference interviews, we determine the candidates’ values, abilities, experiences and personality. We focus a lot on motivation and the candidate’s own reflections on the position and what it will require.

All our test tools are DNV-certified and all our consultants are certified test users. We always check the candidates’ credentials and perform extensive background checks when deemed appropriate.

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