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Assessit assists with board evaluations and recruitment of new board members for both private and publicly owned businesses.

A good board is crucial to safeguarding the owners’ interests and the organization’s long-term results. The requirements for board members’ powers and responsibilities are increasing, which places high demands on the assessment of potential candidates.  Assessit focuses on putting together board members who complement the strengths of one another and who can not only handle the board’s management duties, but also provide a way forward in terms of strategic choices.

When recruiting new board members, we start by carrying out a thorough evaluation of the existing board’s competence profile, the organization’s strategy and challenges, and any particular areas that will be relevant for the new board to focus on. Based on this evaluation, we will prepare a presentation of the organization and a specification of the competencies and qualities that prospective board members should be assessed against.

Assessit is one of the biggest and leading Nordic consultancies in the field of executive search and selection and accordingly has an extensive network of appropriate board candidates. Through our systematic focus on identifying talented female candidates, young executives, and executives from all the Nordic countries, we can also make sure that the board member recruitment process takes into consideration not only competencies, but diversity.

You are welcome to contact us for more information about board evaluation and recruitment of new board members.

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