About us

Who is Assessit

Assessit is one of Scandinavia’s leading consultancies in executive search and selection and organizational and leadership development.

Our vision is to challenge and develop the leaders and organizations of tomorrow.

Effective value creation
requires effective leadership

We know what characterizes the best executives, we know what to look for and we know which competencies that must be improved and developed in the future. Assessit’s aim is to help our partners create more value through more effective leadership. We do this by helping our clients select the right candidates for their organization and by challenging and developing individuals, teams, and organizations. For the past 15 years, we have proven that we make a difference for our customers. We create results. It is something we are proud of and which inspires us to become even better.

“Identifying superior
performers” is no easy task

We are passionate about the challenges every one of our clients face, and everything we do is evidence-based, from our methods, tools and selection of candidates to how we approach development of people, working cultures, and organizations. It is both a way of thinking and a way of working. We know what we know and what we do not know. We are humble in the face of what we do not know, we advocate what we can back up with evidence, and we are always seeking new knowledge.  We have a clear academic foundation, and at the same time we are always looking for better methods and tools – from best practice to next practice. Assessit conducts the highest number of valid and reliable assessments of leadership competencies annually in Scandinavia. Every year, Assessit evaluates the attributes and competencies of approximately 1000 managers.

Extensive and wide experience

Over the past 15 years, we have assisted with a large number of rigorous executive selections and development processes in Norwegian, Scandinavian and global companies and public sector authorities. We work across industries and possess extensive experience from both the public sector, banking and finance, energy, services, retail, construction and real estate, humanitarian sector, IT & telecommunications, and healthcare.

Our vision is:

“We will challenge and develop the leaders and organizations of tomorrow.” By this we mean that we must always be at the forefront of what the future will demand of not only individual managers, but also entire management teams and organizations. In this way we can create the greatest value for our customers. We are therefore committed to new research and our own internal analyses on what sets the best leaders apart.

Young Executive of the Year

Since 2009, we have held a Young Executive of the Year award ceremony,  where we test, challenge and develop Norway’s best young executives and gather knowledge on what characterizes the best young leaders in the country. At Assessit, we have a genuine desire to contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders in Norway.

An influential agenda-setter

We also have an aim to be a visible opinion-maker that participates in and influences the agenda within the field of management. We do this by being active in the media, at conferences at home and abroad and not least through our own research.

Our values ​​are

Our values of commitment, innovation, and quality are the foundation of our company, our services and our culture.

We aim to be a committed and active partner. Our vision is to challenge and develop the leaders of tomorrow, and we are known for having the courage to challenge both our clients and our candidates. We believe in a constructive dialog to uncover the best solutions. Being committed also means that we keep our promises and that we do not promise more than we can keep.

We set high standards for ourselves and the quality of service we provide. All our methods and tools are rooted in recognized research, and our processes must always be reliable and verifiable.

At Assessit, we strive to encourage a creative and innovative culture not only within our own company, but also among our clients and partners. Through transparency, good dialog and active innovation, we will contribute to ideas and improvements that create value in society. That is also why we are the proud founders and organizers of the Nordic countries’ most extensive management competition – Young Executive of the Year.


about the client’s business strategy, organization and other circumstances we receive during the process are always treated in a confidential manner. Candidates who participate in a recruitment process with us can always rest assured that we are handling their candidacy and information (CV, test results, etc.) in a confidential and appropriate manner. We only contact the references we have been provided at the very end of a process, and we will always notify the candidate before we do so.

Assessit has a continual aim to be an organization of high integrity in relation to the people and organizations we work with. What this entails is that we will inform our clients or candidates if any issues arise of if we receive information that compromises our integrity.

Open and honest
We emphasize open and trustful communication with our clients and candidates. A successful process requires that the client, candidate and Assessit has access to all relevant information. This also applies to our work with clients and candidates, where we always aim for a healthy and candid dialog. If an assignment proves to be difficult to complete within the agreed-upon schedule, we will be open about this challenge and inform the client as soon as possible.

We are always loyal to our clients and aim for a dialog based on candor and trust. During recruitment processes, our loyalty lies with both the client and the candidates being considered for the position. This means that we always strive to match business needs with candidates’ competencies, motivation, and expectations, with the aim of ensuring the best possible outcome and a successful recruitment process.

Laws and regulations
Assessit will always adhere to the laws and regulations that apply to and affect our business. Our work involves contacting a lot of different individuals. Assessit will help ensure that candidates are treated on the basis of their competencies and suitability.

Privacy policy for Assessit AS
“Personal information” means information and assessments that can be linked to an individual. Examples of personal information include a person’s name, e-mail address, address and/or phone number. Assessit AS treats personal information in line with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and Personal Data Regulations. If there is a duty of disclosure towards public authorities, the registered personal data will be handed over in accordance with statutory requirements.